Category: Training

  • Use the Dot Torture Test For Improved Accuracy

    Think you have incredible accuracy? Most shooters do. However, unfortunately many of them can’t pass the torturous dot test to prove their skills. Sure, they may hang up any old target and have a go at it. But what they fail to do is to conduct a quality and consistent training schedule and routine. The […]

  • 3 ways to put trigger-time failure in its place

    In the first half of this series, I disclosed my concern for the future of the U.S. as a “nation of riflemen” as well as the industry itself. Neither the legend nor the business will thrive when so many of the younger set seem to avoid new experiences or sustained effort, thanks to fear of […]

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  • 10 Warning Signs Your Firearms Instructor Is Dangerous

    Firearms instructors are incredibly important people. These are the men and women with education and experience to teach brand new shooters. These are the people who will be a trustworthy and knowledgable resource for any man, woman and child looking to use a firearm for the first time. They’re also often the go-too gurus for […]

  • Good material for ballistics tests

    On a few occasions I have been asked by incredulous gun curmudgeons why I waste my time, energy and money on terminal performance testing. After all, manufacturers of ammunition and reloading components publish an endless stream of ballistic data on their products detailing trajectories, muzzle velocities, and kinetic energies. The naysayers also point out that […]

  • Firearm training for a deadly encounter

    A while back, I received an email from a guy asking me my opinions on various firearms. The guy had some money to spend, and wanted to know what sort of rifle he should buy. He said he was new to rifles and was asking for my insight. His budget was on the higher end, between […]

  • What Feminists Know About Guns – Shocking?

    First off, it’s important to note that there are many definitions of “feminism” out there in the world right now that are very inaccurate. For example, many people believe a “feminist” is someone that believes that she (and the female species in general) is superior in every way to males. As a result of this […]

  • The National Rifle Association’s board of directors elected head of retailer Brownell’s to fill the honorary position of president at the organization’s annual conference last weekend in Atlanta.

  • One Simple Picture For Selecting the Right Steel Target

    Not all targets are the same.   When you’re picking a steel plate, you must figure out what’s going to be shot against it.  If you’re shooting rifles, you need a more heavy-duty plate than if you’re shooting pistols. And shotguns are in their own category for setting up plates. You must be aware of the […]

  • A Tragic Mistake Most Concealed Carriers Make

    Imagine this scenario. You’re riding a crowded subway when some thugs come up to you with screwdrivers and demand your money. You are outmanned and only have seconds to act. You pull your concealed carry, shoot all four of them before you get stabbed and then you get the hell out of dodge at the […]