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    Tragic Mass Shooting Pokes Massive Hole In Gun Control Narrative

    Australia residents are in devastation due to a recent mass shooting. The event took place this week near Margaret River – a town in Western Australia. Seven members of a family lost their lives, including three adults and four children. The event appears to be a murder-suicide. Unfortunately, full details of the event may never […]

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    NRA Shines Light On Armed Civilians

    At the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Dallas this year, the organization and guest speakers assigned a face to the good guy with a gun theory. Normally, the concept is exemplified by those in law enforcement or military, who are already expected to take action amid a crisis, but this year they had a […]

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    More Guns Than Ever Found In Airports

    The Transportation Security Administration announced last week the 2017 single-day record for the number of firearms discovered in carry-on bags across the country has been broken.

  • You Can Now Sell Used Guns To This Leading Website, the well-known website for gun enthusiasts, is transforming the way they do business. And it’s making firearm owners and collectors incredibly happy. has made the choice to now add a new feature to their site. They are now offering to purchase people’s used and no-longer-in-use firearms. Judging from the website description, it seems […]

  • World’s Richest Inventor Makes Surprising Remark about Investing in Gun Companies

    Warren is taking a controversial stance on gun manufacturers, which he was defending on Saturday. Warren still believes his earlier remarks to be true, saying it is “ridiculous” for Berkshire Hathaway to not do business with gun manufacturers. Buffet also said he refuses to impose his political views onto either the conglomerate’s business operations or […]

  • Mossberg Excites With This New Shotgun

    Good news! Mossberg is expanding its line of 590 Shockwave shotguns, making room for a new and exciting addition. This new pump-action Shockwave shotgun will feature a brand new, low-recoil and lightweight model chambered in 410 Bore. Its 14-inch barrel has the ability to tackle between 2.5 – 3-inch loads, and features a cylindrical bore […]

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