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    Following the attack by a lone gunman on a GOP Congressional baseball practice that left five people injured and the attacker dead, a number of lawmakers have voiced their desire to carry a firearm to defend themselves.

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    Is .357 Magnum good for deer season?

    Since its invention in the 1930s, the .357 Magnum has been used successfully to game from varmints all the way up to elk and moose. While the .357 Magnum has long since surrendered the title of “world’s most powerful handgun round” to the likes of the .44 Remington Magnum, the .454 Casull, and the .500 […]

  • Why Carrying A Spare Mag Isn’t Good

    Many times, shooters are under the impression that carrying a spare magazine with them is a good idea. This belief often stems from the worry that they won’t have enough rounds in the gun if they find themselves in a gun fight. Shooters may also believe they need to bring a spare mag if they […]

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