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  • Why America Is Losing the Gun Control Battle

    Unfortunately, we can no longer get by on simply donating funds to a Second Amendment-supporting organization in order to preserve our rights. The more mass shootings and other violent attacks become “normal,” the more anti-2A-rights groups will pass stricter and stricter gun control laws. It’s happening already – and this is just the beginning. Even […]

  • How Florida “Anti-Age Law” Totally Backfired

    It looks as though Florida’s “anti-age” law is totally backfiring. And one of America’s biggest Second Amendment groups is reaping the benefits. The Second Amendment Foundation, based in Bellevue, Washington, has been seeing extremely significant growth in both their membership and their donations within the last month. And almost all of the people responsible for […]

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    NRA Sues Over Age Restrictions

    Just after Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed the measure, the gun rights group hit the state with a federal lawsuit over stripping gun rights of thousands of adults due to their age.

  • 1 Company Is Laughing at Dick’s AR Ban

    Good news for Smith & Wesson. Last week, the parent company of the popular firearms manufacturer (American Outdoor Brands) told their investors that Dick’s Sporting Goods’ policy changes won’t have a huge impact on their profits. This comes as a relief, as Dick’s made the announcement last week that they are no longer carrying “assault-style” […]

  • Guess Who Gave $2.5 Million to Student Led Anti-Gun Protests

    Everytown, an American nonprofit backed by billionaire Michael Bloomberg that advocates gun control, made a shocking announcement on Friday. They said they are creating 500 grants and making them available to fund future demonstrations that will be similar to the planned march of the Parkland, Florida students. The grants will each be worth $5,000, and […]

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    Rhode Island Fights For Gun Rights

    Hundreds wearing shirts that said “Gun control does not work” filled the halls of the Rhode Island State House on Tuesday to let lawmakers know how they felt about pending bills.

  • Florida Politicians Respond With Courageous Law Following Florida Shooting

    Upon the Florida Senate’s rejection of a ban on assault weapons, they went in a surprisingly different direction. Instead, they voted for a measure that will arm certain teachers. This decision comes just weeks after 17 people (students and teachers) lost their lives to the deadliest high school shooting yet. In addition an amendment seeking […]

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