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  • Liberals Are Gonna Freak Over This New Gun Protection Legislation

    Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, has been enduring three days of discussion following the Santa Fe school shooting last month. The end result? A 44-page plan that tightens school security and expands mental health treatment options. Surprisingly, the plan is light on the hot-button issue of gun control. In a recent press conference, Abbott […]

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    Dems Building A Gun Database

    The Crime Gun Tracing Modernization Act introduced to the Senate last month would change how federal regulators track and trace firearms in the country.

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    Pro-gun Students Write To Texas Governor

    A group of 150 students across the Lone Star State wrote Gov. Greg Abbott to urge the Republican to keep gun rights in mind when considering action in the wake of a school shooting in the state.

  • This City Is Being Sued For Passing An Assault Rifle Ban

    Companies are being taken into court and facing legal ramifications (as well as social ramifications) for utilizing gun control. However, a city in the state of Colorado is now about to do the same for its recent gun control decisions. Boulder is now facing a court date, thanks to its recent ban on the possession […]

  • Leupold Offers New Scope in VX-Freedom Series

    In recent years, it seems that optics have been going very much in the direction of long-range glass. This likely due to the popularity of the ever-increasing group of 6.5 cartridges, as well as other precision calibers). These have a major influence on the amount of scopes that go long distance (and even further). While […]

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    Minds Blown with New 300 Blackout Pistol

    FightLite has a brand new handgun. And it’s been blowing up shooters’ minds right and left. The pistol’s name is the FightLite Raider. And it’s equally as impressive as it is attractive. The handgun weights just under 4 pounds, and measures less than 21 inches long. It features a 7.25 inch barrel, and works with […]

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