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  • Trump on Las Vegas shooter

    President Donald Trump said Monday that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, responsible for the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history, had severe mental health issues that led him to commit the atrocity.

  • See 2 New Outrageous Gun Control Bills Democrats Want

    Well, it’s official: the introduction of bills HR.4018 and HR.4064 is now here. These bills hope to set a mandatory 3-day waiting time for all handgun transfers. Exceptions to this rule include loans of less than 30 days that are between immediate family members. They also hope to set up guidelines for licensing and registration on sales of binary […]

  • What’s Going To Happen To Bump Fire Stocks?

    In wake of the Las Vegas shooting, Cabela’s and Walmart have both taken bump stocks out of their online catalogs. Old links are still showing up on Google from both retailers advertising the bump stocks. However, clicking Walmart’s links trigger an error message, while clicking on Cabela’s shows the product as “sold out.” It is […]

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