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  • U.S. Govt to Kill this Retirement Benefit?

    Always hunting for more money, Congress may soon ransack 401(k) benefits. Here’s what they’ve been scheming, and what it means for your retirement… Peter Reagan, September 25, 2017 Over half of Americans have a retirement plan through their employer, such as a 401(k). The incentive to use these plans has always been the annual tax […]

  • 1 Unexpected Way Trump’s Help Cut Down On Gun Control

    President Trump and his party have been extremely busy with issues such as DACA and North Korea. As such, there has been a significant shortage of ridiculous gun bills lately. This is shocking, since most shooters were preparing themselves for a ton of ridiculous legislation aiming at gun owners right when the election got over. […]

  • Gun stocks surge

    Stocks for major gun makers surged Tuesday after a report surfaced claiming the Trump administration will ease export restrictions on small arms effective next year.

  • Why Is This Disturbing Trend Happening to The Gun Industry?

    It’s not new news that retailers across the country have been experiencing plummeting sales as of late. And, unfortunately, this downward trend has been drastically affecting the firearm industry as well. For example, American Outdoor Brands have been reporting a $2.2 million loss during their first quarter. As a result, their stock prices have also […]

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